Advantages and Weaknesses of Using Aluminum Composite Panel

In general, the function of an aluminum composite panel (ACP) is usually used on the walls of contemporary buildings that are minimalist. Composite panels made of aluminum can also be used to combine and beautify modern buildings, and are usually combined with glass. Indoor aluminum is usually used as a partition for swimming column coverings and artistic ceilings. The use of ACP as sheet piling in construction buildings has several types. The classification is based on the outer paint layer CMILC.

The use of ACP is increasingly in demand because it has several advantages over other materials. These advantages include data surface and smoothness, high resistance to various weather changes, ease of applying various designs with modern concepts. In addition, the use of composite materials that are easily shaped, drilled, folded, or curved using simple tools. Another advantage, this material is made of polyethylene. This makes the sheet have heat resistance, stability, and resistance to corrosion and climatic conditions. Apart from having advantages, the Acp material has several drawbacks. Some of them include: the price tends to be expensive if you want to make it curved it needs to be done professionally and wisely. This can cause modules or some sort of fault to occur. The thickness of aluminum is not the thickness of the entire panel because the thickness of aluminum can affect its durability.

If you want to install ACP to get maximum results. Some several procedures or types can be done. If you are interested in using ACP as a complement to commercial buildings, that is choosing the services of experts who have the expertise and ability to install. Try to find a professional with ACP construction experience. When installing ACP on a wall that is still a brick. So, the walls need to be plastered. This is done so that the ACP installation is smooth, neat, and satisfying. The process of installing ACP is carried out in two ways, namely: the peel system and the bending system. Each system has advantages and disadvantages. The use of the bending system is carried out in a relatively fast period. However, the bending process must be carried out simultaneously and uniformly. Meanwhile, the peel system takes longer. However, the ACP installation is stronger than the installation using the bending system.

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