Credit Advisor – how can he help us?

From making a decision about a mortgage, it takes a long way to get it, all the more so because the loan process itself can last even over 2 months.

This is usually because of a lack of proper knowledge or preparation. Emerging obstacles can effectively hinder the granting of credit, and even lead to not receiving it.

What to do in that case?


It’s best to get the help of a specialist who has the right knowledge and deals with credit-related matters. We advise who a credit expert is, how he can help and where to find a proven specialist!

Who is a credit expert?

A credit expert is not bound by a contract with any bank. His analyzes are completely impartial and his main task is to indicate the loan with optimal conditions for the client.

What exactly can a financial intermediary help you with?

What exactly can a financial intermediary help you with?

  • check creditworthiness
  • I will propose the most favorable loan for you
  • negotiate better terms for your loan
  • will help in completing the necessary documents and completing the formalities
    will speed up decision making
  • will explain the provisions in the contract
  • will safely carry out the entire credit process up to the final in the form of signing a loan agreement

Who pays for the service of a mortgage specialist?

Who pays for the service of a mortgage specialist?

The expert’s work is financed by the bank that you will use, because thanks to the expert, the bank won the client. The expert’s remuneration is in no way related to the terms of your loan – hence it does not earn interest (on the contrary: he will suggest what must be bought at the bank and what not. If you do not need an account, the expert will tell you that it is not required) .

Why are we talking expert and not an adviser?

Pursuant to the Mortgage Act and the supervision of mortgage brokers and agents, the use of words related to consulting in the name of companies, advertising and operations by related experts is prohibited.

According to the aforementioned Act, a credit counselor must have compulsory third party liability insurance, and he charges a fee for his services from the client, and not like an expert – from the bank. Additionally, the adviser must have an appropriate entry in the register kept by the PFSA.