Personal Loan: How does it work and how do I apply?


This type of loan is considered a good option for repaying any situations like health emergencies and other types of financial losses that come out of nowhere. Visit for a summary

The personal loan is also indicated to pay for new year slips like school supplies, for example. The service is only available to bank account holders and when requested, is immediately deposited in the customer’s account.

Only bank account holders may apply for Personal Credit.

How to apply for a personal loan at?

How to apply for a personal loan at ?

The client can perform a simulation through the website to get an idea of ​​the available amounts and the interest rates and installment taxes. The limit released by the bank, depends on an assessment of the institution, which mainly analyzes the relationship that the customer has with the bank.

The conditions of the loan are variable and to make the contracting of the service and know the approximate values ​​of the operation, the customer must access 30 hours over the internet and follow the guides: loans> fixed installment loan> simulate and contract here.

You can also simulate and get personal credit over the phone or at bank ATMs by accessing the lending option. For clients who do not have pre-approved credit, it is also possible to get the loan by visiting a branch and requesting a credit analysis, which takes an average of two business days to get a response.

Customers who are not bank account holders must open an account by going to a branch and presenting the following documents: RG, CPF, recent proof of income and proof of residence and the latest income tax return. It is important to note that having a checking account at the institution does not guarantee the approval of personal credit.

How does personal credit work?

How does personal credit work?

Once approved, the money falls on the same day, regardless of whether it is a business day or a weekend, in the customer’s account. The consumer may pay the first installment of the loan up to 90 days from the date of contracting the service, but this term may vary according to the customer profile. It is also possible to repay or advance the installments by going to an branch.

The amount of personal credit in the bank varies widely. Account holders can check the pre-approved credit limit by consulting the internet on the website or through the application. In cases where the client needs a higher value than the released one, it is necessary to talk to its manager.

The customer can choose the date for payment of installments, which can be divided up to 48 times (four years). In return for these facilities, the bank has a very high interest rate, being between 5.34% and 5.49% per month.